Thursday, August 1, 2013


         We got our second email Tuesday from Rachel. She loves the CCM, especially the food there. She said their is a lot of fresh fruit and a mix of American and Central American cuisine. Her favorite is the mango juice, because it's like "liquid mangoes."

        She said, "The spanish is coming really good. Sometimes I feel bad about my progress but then I remember that I`ve been here less than a week. I understand more than I speak, but I have been able to pray really well. I love singing the hymns because, even though I don`t understand, it helps my pronunciation."
         They have an investigator at the CCM, a man named Benjamin, who works there. He speaks some English, and they let the missionaries at the CCM help with the discussions. Rachel said that her and her companion sang for him, and he said they sounded like angels.
         She is at the CCM for about 6 more weeks, so write to her at the CCM address. You can also use  for free, and it sends your letters directly to the CCM.

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