Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Email!

We got our first email from Rachel today! It goes like this:
Hi everybody! This is just to say that I am okay and that I got to the CCM okay. I only have 5 minutes but my P day is on Tuesdays I think and I get an hour. My flights were smooth, I was on the wings both times. I slept on the second  flight but on the first one of my seatmates tried to bible bash me. I was a little unprepared for that, haha, I was tired. Things are good in the ciudad, very mild and not too hot or humid. It is beautiful and a lot like Sinaloa (Mexico). Well this keyboard is junk and I don´t have any more time, so adios for now!

Hermana R

PS I am at the CCM (Spanish MTC for you gringos ;)) for 6 weeks so WRITE ME!

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